İzmir Oto was launched in 1973 in Çankaya, İzmir by Vahit Obuz.

Our business life which started in 20m2 of retail shop, began to grow step by step with the development of the automotive sector in Turkey.



With the graduation of our general manager, Korcan Obuz, from Ege University Economics Department in 1980, our company has changed its sales model from retail to wholesale.



In 1991 İzmir in Turkey 1200m2’lik wholesale delivery of spare parts in our warehouse all that, we have become one of the industry’s leading companies. We had become a pioneer in the introduction, import and sales of many famous brands in the automotive spare parts market with our sector experience. In the beginning of our business life, we specialized in parts of Fiat and Renault vehicles. Concurrently with the change in the country vehicle market, the service we have given to Opel VE, PSA, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Japanese-Korean vehicles has increased and we had become a service provider to every brand in the market.



In 2003 we established the largest logistics spare parts distribution facility in İzmir Pınarbaşı. At the same time, our present logistic center has an area of 5600 m2 warehouse in 8000m2.